Development Programs

  Indoor Outdoor focuses on 5 core areas:

 Team Development:                                                    

The program for either newly formed or for existing teams aims at enhancing the interpersonal skills, the efficiency of the team culture and the overall effectiveness.

The team development program is each time uniquely designed and always developed taking into account the specific needs of the organization, the team and the participating individuals.

 Leadership and Organizations:                                             

Our approach guides senior leaders towards reaching new levels of self-awareness - the critical skill of every efficient leader. Furthermore, the participants gain insights and get tools to better understand the interconnectivity between leadership, their personal influence and the organizational culture.

The program starts with a critical analysis of the vision, mission and strategy of the organization.

The need for change of the company culture and alignment to the mission, vision and strategy is assessed during the program.

The outcome leads to the next step: a detailed plan of action.

Individual Executive Coaching:                                           

Individual coaching is beneficial for executives as well as for various people at different stages of their life and career path.

We start by exploring the individual's history, which provides us with insights into the client's personal context.

Subsequent indoor and/or outdoor activities, performed in a venue outside the participant's normal environment and comfort zone, such as (hill) walking, mountaineering or sailing, together with professional psychological guidance, create self-awareness, accelerate the knowledge of development goals and enhance the process of personal growth. 

Reconciling dilemmas:

In our approach we help organizations to get to a win-win situation by reconciling dilemmas rather than focusing on compromises.

Self-organizing teams:

We create the space for self-management where empowered people feel responsible and own their results, which leads to more job satisfaction and shared leadership.